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Apollo Digs #2

If you are viewing this page it likely means that either you are at least slightly intrigued by the images and concepts of what's in them on the previous page, or you are probably trying to find ways to refute these notions with skeptical reasoning. I assure you, in wrestling with these issues I've probably thought of most of these before presentation. A good amount of skepticism is surely warranted given the subject matter, as well as a good amount of open eyed observation. To be sure, I might acceptably be making a big to-do about nothing, applying too fantastic conclusions to purely natural objects. The flip side of this is that I might not be wrong at all, and there could be plentiful technologically based artificial wonders strewn about on the moon; enough to make scientists. anthropologists, archaeologists and the public to demand the return for a more fully complete exploration and investigation. Simply put, we must return to the Moon.

Now we will look at some further surface anomalies via Apollo 16 image AS16-116-18603. Though this is supposed to be a color photo, I could only acquire it in black and white. The photo itself is moderate quality despite the smudging noticeable in the left center. This smudging is inherent in several photos from the parent film magazine and hides a bit of what might be another anomalous item better known as "House Rock" from clear observation. Nevertheless the items I'm delineating are located just to the left of the smudged area. Look and see what you notice.

Click image for higher res photo

Let's get up a bit closer. Here is a detail of the almost irrefutable artificiality of this particular set of items. Once again, I am left again to wonder the question that keeps coming to mind while viewing, "What type of geology produces items that look like derelict machinery?" I've added arrows to point out the oddities. To explain what they are other than very intriguing rocks I'll once again leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide by your own observation. A larger sectional of this area without arrows can be seen by clicking the image below. Note the cylindrical object with the hub and gear teeth. Something is very strange about the slab sticking out next to it and the two pillar like stubs, all these objects are at the same angle, appearing to be buried into the hillside.

I always prefer to check for better versions and contexts of the photos that intrigue me, so I re-ordered this one, which is AS16-116-18603, and a context that just catches the objects, 18602.

Click on image to view full resolution crops of the pertinent areas


And here's a nice pose by it from AS16-106-17336

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