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Apollo Digs #3

If you're still with me here, you might be starting to wonder the same things I myself wondered when first viewing these photos, such as "what actually are these curious items?" , "why haven't we ever heard of any of this before?", "If they are what they are speculated to be, how did they get there and how old are they?". I'm afraid I have no answers, only photos with oddities, my own viewpoint, and questions of my own. You might see nothing at all and think I'm quite off my rocker. Regardless, the items pointed out are captured on the actual mission films and are as real as the nose on your face. No matter what they are, they are noteworthy anomalies based on appearance alone. Now I'll take the subject a little further out on the limb of speculation to point out another curious possibility so far out of the realm of the known as to be terrifying if actual.

This next photo, 72-HC-420, or AS16-116-18607 is also from Apollo 16. In fact, it is just across from where the last page's images were captured. Though high quality, the image suffers from the same smudged area evident in the previous AS16 photo, but this time it's not obscuring any of the feature. I have not altered these images from their parent copies. Also note the peculiar overall prismatic lighting effect. Click image for higher resolution version.

To the left of center is a most curious item resting against a stone. This detail will bring us in a bit closer, and I've arrowed the items of interest.

 In case it hasn't grabbed you yet, what this appears to be is the shape of a skull  the item is not very identifiable, but needless to say a bit unnerving even for a hardened anomalist. Note the Astronaut's footprint near the object. Perhaps it was propped up for a photo op?

Let's bring this thing up as close as the photograph will possibly allow while retaining some semblance of detail, and add some comparers.

This one is still up in the air as to even if I'll believe it, I can say this, the context I ordered, AS16-116-18606, also shows the same shape on the rock.

Click image for full resolution crop

AS16-116-18607 is the AS frame name for the original image up at page top, the new copy I  received below is very clear, and the shape is nicely detailed. This is one fine image, click to see the entire thing in full resolution

Now let's take a 3-D look at the object

 I am the first one to jump up and state that it seems absolute insanity for any of this to be anything like a remote reality, I will also be the first to step up and say that a reality unbelievable, insane, covered up, unknown or simply unnoticed is still a reality, in the same breath a fantasy is similar. Since the only way to prove that any of the items I've so far shown in this observation are either real or not is to return to the Moon and investigate further, my total support goes to doing just that, and quickly.. before the Chinese do it for us.

Further items will be forthcoming,  check back later

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All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved



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