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  On these pages I will be displaying curious items found during mine and others near decade long journeys into the vast imaging archives of the Mars Global Surveyor. During the course of these explorations I have witnessed many paradigm shifting items and locations. This goes beyond any Face, or Cydonia, it goes planet wide, because while singularity may be coincidence, multiplicity defines a pattern. It is my opinion that Mars was once much more than presently researching sciences can account for. Somewhere between the artful and sometimes uncannily accurate predictions of science fiction or serial comic writers, and the hard data analysis of a scientific community too ready to dismiss the probability there does stand a possibility, one which can be backed somewhat by photographic evidence. I'll go ahead and say it, then maintain the tone throughout, because it is the subject of this foray; that incredibly, there may have been a prior civilization on Mars.


  Because both the photo archives and world of Mars itself are vast and varied, many who've attempted a look at it through the high resolution images invariably may never have noticed some of these more interesting and curious of items. I have the advantage of many years experience processing MOC images and sorting out the Martian surface, and over time have amassed quite a collection of oddities in result.


  I intend to show them to you and in doing so, thoroughly make you wonder what we really know about our brother planet. This will be without much image interpretation, or crayon scribbling- mainly because I think it clear that the images speak well enough for themselves.


  I will say this in guideline; I recognize what is left of a previously very living planet, with huge bustling metropolitan areas, scattered here and there much like present day earth; along rivers, oceans, and mountains, some replete with monolithic constructions and large areas where mining activity is apparent. From all evidences nobody's lived here for a long long time. All is now almost gone, bones left to the ages, covered by dust and wrecked in all but the best preserved cases. Occasionally and over time these remnants are exposed by fortuitous winds and selected erosion processes to be revealed to our eyes through the irises of our technology.


  To see what Mars was, it is absolutely necessary to recognize what it is showing us, chance have it we see. What it reveals to the adroit and open minded observer is a glorious past with a termination of terror unimaginable. A fate we may one day face ourselves. Global Catastrophe, at the peak of our technology and right back to the stone age we go.


  Mars, a planet with as much land surface as our earth A world that was, and is gone, a relic of destruction. A lesson to be learned?


   Whatever horrendous cataclysm it was that occurred to Mars is beyond our knowledge at present, but whatever it was it buried Barsoom. Who were these people, if they existed at all? Perhaps they were like us, perhaps they were us, perhaps it's nothing at all, just strange rocks and dunes. All of this may sound a bit Burroughs-ish, perhaps totally absurd, but for a world named Barsoom, speculated so much on, and covered with such oddities, this ought to be expected. It seems it doesn't think much of what we think, regardless.


  What we are left with is a question that is unanswerable at present but one which imperatively must some day have a solution,
 one which will come only via further exploration...  What was Mars?


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"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

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