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 As if enough hadn't been said, argued, and debated about on this subject already, which simply put was an unsourceable questionable "bad" Themis image of Cydonia I so happened to receive innocently and work on since last July, I find myself recently having to unnecessarily defend against open attacks on my imaging and personal integrity. This is mostly the work of nameable malicious sources. Publicly stated conclusions on my part of evidential non-conclusivity were already reached over this data months ago. Further image releases are awaited for more contextual observations. All the other assorted nonsense around this issue needs to be put to rest.

It is just in my manner to try and tackle an impossible task. Doing what I did in learning and mastering IR imaging (and on this particular photo of all choices) was only natural. By all means, it was not as if I was doing any of this in any type of expert or official capacity as in my processed Marsoweb MOCs or NASA History Apollo photo scans. This image of the day release had already been publicly impugned altogether as being inaccurate for IR color processing by prominent ASU personnel, but conversely affirmed to be accurately calibrated data on the data's source page itself. Given all the irregularity of this situation, I felt surely that no harm could come from going ahead and processing it.

I did so not only to the "bad" image but the corrected one as is displayed at the Themis website. Using the same personally proven processing techniques on them, I then extracted and merged the data from both for obtaining highly detailed false color images. As this is a proper way to draw imaging conclusions out of disparately processed or damaged but same data I saw nothing wrong with applying this processing to these particular images. I also gained much by the way of applications experience in this, which was quite helpful for processing the much easier but very high quality images made using PDS data. Several of these are now present in processed form at my extensive online IR imaging archives.

What we seem to have here are people that can criticize but not contribute.

The only official imaging results and conclusions made by me on this entire ordeal are and have been prominently displayed here on my personal website in both the Mars Infrared Imaging and  MER2003/Odyssey Landing Site IR pages. Many others with various motives have taken my preliminary imaging results and "enhanced them" to inordinate proportions in varying manners, drawing from all sides mostly errant conclusions stating both "fraud" and "fantastic extraterrestrial constructs". The many write ups on this subject which can be found on this "issue" seem mostly ludicrous pieces better fit to the fiction sector. Without fail they all promote their own agendiary cases.  Once again, all my actual thoughts on this entire issue and all the materials used in my particular study of this imaging are and have been at my website, non used in most all cases by these refuters and supporters.

Everyone is free to their own opinion and to do what they will to any picture or conjecture they find on the internet, taking valid points and twisting them out of context freely as they choose, but if these are expressed to be mine and are not found here on my site it is very unlikely to be one of my original images or thoughts and I do not and will not support it nor the conclusions drawn by it's observation by others.

I'd like to state here that my views on the entire issue were ill represented. Even while I was being positioned right in the middle of these games, my views and conclusions were stifled and mainly ignored by the many people and groups that both "supported" and "opposed" this primarily overblown issue. This is more befitting their own misplaced ambition driven wishes of personal gain at my expense or perhaps a chance to count coup on a "NASA image processor" than advancement of the science towards understanding the real Mars and the truer issues of satellite imaging.

I am highly indignant over this treatment and severally upset with the other untruths being circulated maliciously about me, such as this being associated with Francis Knize and Richard Hoagland, and in a "Data Integrity" lawsuit against NASA over this frivolity.! That is a total fallacy, I do not support it or any other supposed associations of the sort, and though supposedly am named plaintiff in such, refute any movement to have been made so.

My only real or intended associations are with the data and it's source. There was a lesson in this for me, hard learned so far, but learned well. Say as little as possible, for there are armies of starved miscreants anxiously awaiting to tear you to shreds for a single scrap of this controversial subject. It is my opinion that these people should get a conscience and stop milking or trying to destroy the accomplishments of others.

For the record I am highly insulted and saddened by certain cruelly malevolent insinuations made to my friends at Ames by questionable sources via email questioning my imaging and personal integrity, mainly in the nature of being "that since I am a "fraud" I might try something unscrupulous with the images I process for them. My plentiful official work stands as a sure testimony against that. Such an action would be totally repugnant, unconscionable and absolutely useless to me as well as demeaning to my chosen passions; space imaging, and the hunt for something else out there, something real and wonderful... It must by necessity be totally honest and open. Such reprehensible moves by  obviously non-well meaning persons should be taken for what they are worth, which for the most part is exactly nothing. Same goes for those that would broadcast loudly about a lawsuit against NASA, naming people as plaintiffs unknowingly and others that would take images I was working on while learning and making them a national issue.

It has been brought to my attention that certain malicious parties have and intend on trying further to attempt having my hundreds of hours of work in the form of the literal hundreds of MOC landing site images presently at Marsoweb removed. That I would think is certainly unjustified and contemptible, resulting only in some noncontributing instigator's ability to have a claim to fame. and a blow to certain public support of this program which I have promoted very widely due to personal involvement. Most of all this would be a loss of terrific imagery, besides which all of them would have to be replaced with at least as good versions, not a simple thing at all.

Needless to say, those within NASA that have benefited from my imagery have stood behind me and this will not happen.

 I am an imaging professional and devoted spaceophile who has proudly contributed and will yet contribute further large amounts of painstakingly processed high quality imagery both to the NASA/Ames MER2003 program and NASA History. My Marsoweb images have been assisting the landing site selection community scientists faithfully for quite some time now, giving them clearer, more detailed images to study in their careful search for Athena rover landing sites  My Apollo Over The Moon images bring the wonderful photos of that magnificent publication to life like never before. There is nothing is more serious to me and few have ever shown such devotion.

I've never asked for a thing in return. Not payment, not recognition, nothing but the satisfaction of knowing I have a part however small in our space endeavors.

In light of this situation in which I was fed upon by all manner of sharks, slandered, insulted, been the object of many direct deceptions and misrepresentations for simply processing an image. It would not be untoward to expect that I am due a little more than the treatment thus far received..

Regardless of any interpretations of these events or exclusions, my personal quest for imaging magnificence in the satellite, spacecraft, and lander data returns will continue on unheeded.

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