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"They" did not take it easy on us in the Themis releases, and we wanted raw data... well... that's just what we got. The data's dirty, the images are highly unregistered and streak infested. The time, effort, and skill needed to appropriately produce quality images from it is considerable. While others spin their wheels trying to process these raw data cubes into coherent images, I'm proud to be able to bring you a few of the stunningly beautiful hyperspectral images produced from them.

This page is dedicated to all those that have supported me through this struggle towards the truth, and especially for those that have wrongly been derogatory in remarks and actions towards me for simply doing what I do best, process space images. Without imaging integrity we have nothing. You have my guarantee of an honest and open look at all this data.

"How it ought to be done"

 The July 24th Mars Odyssey Cydonia Themis infrared image (# 20020724) has sparked much controversy, both for myself and for the Themis team at ASU. I'll let the contexting data do the talking.

Pictures are more than words, more than... just pretty

And using Don Davis to paint them into "true color" is not only wrong, it's totally unethical. Shame on you Dr. C. Is this that "13 year  old" of yours?

The following images were produced exclusively using ENVI 3.5 for multispectral processing, and Jasc PSP 8.01 for visible image adjustment. ENVI 3.5 is provided by Research Systems Inc.

Color of Cydonia.

Not IR but pre-dawn color of the area we're looking at

The release of V03814003 gives us the opportunity to see what the color may be like down there before we get multispectral on it. You may view my color Mars pictures on my Color Mars page linked at page bottom

My IR imagery coverage starts here and goes chronologically inverse top to bottom, so the newest material is always on top as it is released, gathered and worked on.

Newest decent Cydonia IR coverage

I010598011 7-8-9 Vis overlay

Raw image I05081018

9-8-7     6-5-4


And now.. a word from our Sponsors

Raw data image I01723003

 With the release of image I0723003, which is the raw pds data of this controversial image, we have another integral piece of imagery adding to the exploration of Cydonia.

I do appreciate ASU dropping the "So-Called Face" tag to the images in the releases.


To start with we will first be looking at the simple 3 band RGB false colors

The three band color images made with the new data are excellent! Here is a comparison of three different band sets.

I01723003 3 band color combo

 Let's have a look at four hyperspectral ratio images from the same data.

click image for higher res

Here are Some D&M decorrolated ratio images made with this certified legitimate RAW RDR imagery from the Themis site overlain on their very decent higher visible co-image

And the Face from two of the same RAW RDRs


Also noticed on the southern portion of this same image is a large geometrically aligned square area. The outline shows sharply in the IR ratio images.


Cydonia Themis IR image I0204002

This is from the first PDS Themis release, supposedly "this image has problems" and it was in fact very noisy, but there is still wealth in it's false color IR detail

4/8 3/7 1/4  D+M area

5/6 4/5 3/4  D+M area

7-8 3-5 1-4  D+M area    Face area

7-9 4-6 1-3  D+M area    Face area

8/9 6/7 4/5  D+M Area

 Superdata images

These are simply the best Cydonia hyperspectral images made so far, processed extra specially with data extracted from the "real" and "official" image versions of controversial acclaim.

20020724 as it should have been displayed

Click image for high res

These are individually stunning.

1.     2.     3.     4.    5.

These next  images are large Cydonia overlays from the processed straight "real" image; they are aesthetically pleasing and revealing in their raw super enlarged hyperspectral intensity.

1. 6.62-8.56B  7.88-9.30G  11.78-12.58R

2. 6.62-9.30B  7.88-10.11G  9.30-11.03R

3. 6.62-10.11B  7.88-11.03G  9.30-12.58R

4. 7.88-8.56B  9.30-10.11G  11.78-12.58R

5. 7.88-10.11B  9.30-11.03G  10.11-11.78R

6. 9.30-11.03B  10.11-11.78G  11.03-12.58R


Here is a 3d perspective of this fantastic area.


Face Overlays


D+M Overlays


Face and D+M

These are the IR overlay images that made the experts gasp.

Teotihuacan.. via ASTER

Yes Noel, there ARE anomalies down there.

The "Official" image

 So as not to be considered to have neglected the "official" image being processed singularly and overlain with the same process this is three images made from it. Note the noise and "blockies"

So here we see in this imaging review of all the data that I have taken consideration to process not only the more recent october PDS image release of an image covering much the same area, but also the July Cydonia infrared"real" and "official" images. To add a  further observation to this I have also merged both real and official datasets with results that are better than any so far achieved.  When you factor in the images also here from various other locations and the results are reviewed we can at least see that the data and processes are consistent.

As I process the other Cydonia releases of this area and when newer contexting datasets arrive in .qub format to the PDS the study on this specific area will continue. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hold on, it will no doubt be a rough journey

For those of you wishing for the true story of how all the varied controversies around this image came to be instead of the many idiotic misinterpretations available on certain schlock BBS' and articles, read

Timeline, Testimony, Processing, and Politics of a Bad Themis Image

The Saga Continues

"Anomalist/Geologist's" Test of "Real" Image Fails Under Analysis

Mr Steve Wingate of Anomalous images, author of defaming and inaccurate articles,

I invite you to watch me take his "analysis" apart

Proof Steve Wingate Did Not Prove TEM Image Was Hoaxed

but then again, Steve Wingate also knows where all the underground UFO bases on earth are too...

Dr Mark Carlotto, please learn how to register images and at least rudimentarily learn some IR imaging techniques, we all expect better of you! Your SFS work is magnificent, but this article is straight nonsense.

The original image that the bands were taken from can be located here in JPEG format.


Hellas IR images!

Or.. no Blockine zone (well, maybe a couple)

The area covered in these images is long a favorite of mine, hailing images of places such as Artville and Hellas City Watershed. I have long held that this place contains many fantastic anomalies.  Let's hope they continue close coverage.


5-6 3-4 1-3

5-7 3-5 1-3


Close up of anomalous area on I00835002

Below is another marvelous East Hellas image, I01683003

click on image for high res

bands 9-6-3

bands 9-8-7

Here is a look at a fairly clean and intriguing night IR, also from Hellas


For all of those that may wrongly think I don't know what I'm doing, and my Themis work is nothing more than adjusting the color knobs on a TV, compare the accuracy with a similar ASTER image.

ASTER/Themis comparison

All processed images herein are copy written property. Use of images is not restricted with permission.

This one's for you Dr. Christensen and Mark Easter.


to Color Mars

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2012

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved



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