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Pathfinder... or Ratfinder?
There are some interesting items in among the many pictures
taken by our
various Mars surface probes.
This is something I noticed long ago while digging through the Pathie images

Pathfinder Rover Rat??

 The key to evidencing that there are living creatures in the images from Mars
would be to find two different views of the same area showing movement.

This could be just what we have here below

In the image above and in the left frame below is what looks to be a rodent like creature sunning itself on top of the rock called"Mini Matterhorn", right in front of the lander.

On the right below is the same rock from a different time and point of view.
 From these different points of view from the Pathfinder and Rover, which are in these images
about 110-130 degrees in view and a couple feet in elevation opposite,

you would still be able to see the large rounded shape on top of the rock.
This is not the case here, and the suspected creature appears to not be in the second image at all!

Let me assist with some visual aids

 I removed the creature; the rock now looks more like its reverse view

Now let's see a b/w from the other angle

Here it is up close, I see no shape resembling the one in the rover's image.

Here's an experiment. Put your cat on top of a medium large rock, then stand there and take a b/w picture. Then move 110-130 degrees away and take another picture of the same from a prone position. You will get different sides of the same feline, but we could see said cat in both images.. unless you startled it and it ran off before you could click the button, in which case we would see only the rock. sort of like what's seen here
Ok.... Where did this go??


 Of course it could just be a rock, that has a outward facing surface that looks absolutely rodent-like but disappears when you look at it from another vantage point.

When we take both images and scale the rocks to approximately the same size, and then cut the so-called-Rat out of the rover image, mirror it to simulate reversal of position and place it onto the image of the Mini-Matterhorn taken from Pathfinder,
the result is that the top of that bare rock is apparently not the same shape, or size.



Now I'd like to show you two original optimized images of the so-called-Rat,
in which it has moved slightly from original position as the Rover got closer to it.
Check the differences between the position of its snout and the angle of its profile.

Do you see it Ladies and Gentlemen?

More Pathfinder Oddities

 "On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2013

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved

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