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Below are the hard as nails tracks from the album FKN
written, performed and recorded by my band

Five Kinds of Noise


Five Kinds of Noise is:

Keith Laney - All Guitar, Vocals and Lyrics, Production

Matt Barnhouse - All Drums, Percussion

Greg Marlowe -  Bass


Let's Ride!

FKN was recorded and mixed in a record 8 hours at Big Momma studios in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Due to the real time recording method it very closely captures the Live experience of a Five Kinds of Noise concert.

We hope you enjoy it, and remember the name, cause I'm not done yet.

FKN no longer exists as a group due to the wonderful Matt Barnhouse running away to Michigan
to make a new start in various bands that will NEVER hold a candle to this one.

On the other hand, I am still rockin, with a new spirit and technical vigor like never before.
Look for new material to be added here soon.

To Greg;

You will always be the 4 string motherfucker, clean up and find your way home brother. You are in my prayers..

This page is dedicated to Eric Hosmer, my best friend and fellow demon killer.
Rest in Peace my Brother and I'll see you on the other side-

later than sooner because I've still got a lot of fighting left to do.

   All music and lyrics the express exclusive property of Five Kinds of Noise and H.O.G Publishing, protected by U.S. and international copyright law. Reproduction, sampling or marketing without the express legal consent of Five Kinds of Noise is prohibited. We're nice enough to share our art with you..

You be nice enough to honor our craft and just enjoy listening.

or else that nasty looking bastard above in the middle is likely to show up on your doorstep.

Walls of Stone (Lyrics)

We're the Majority (Lyrics)

Godimal (Lyrics)

Morbid (Lyrics)

You Know, I Know (Lyrics)

Hard Truth... Soft Lies (Lyrics)

S.O.D. (Lyrics)

So What? (Lyrics)

Dirty as I Am (Lyrics)

Keith Laney Uses:

 Ibanez Electric Guitars, Samick Acoustic Guitars, Line 6 Guitar Effects Shure Microphones,
Marshall  and Crate Amplification Fender Speakers. Blue Steel Strings, Dunlop Pedals, and Clayton picks

© 1996-2004 H.O.G. Publishing.

© 1996-2004 Five Kinds of Noise

© 2005-2013 KeithLaney.net

Exclusive- All rights reserved.

 inquiries and requests should be directed here

replace the (nospam) with the @ symbol


"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Keith Laney Productions™ © 2002-2012

All custom imagery use restricted without permission. All rights reserved



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