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 Mars Odyssey Color Correction

Odyssey's VIS Color Imaging Subsystem is not a "true color" instrument. It does approximate however, and therefore can be adjusted to better accommodate what we as humans perceive as color vision.

On this page we will see what can be done to improve Odyssey's color images
Images on the left are from ASU/Themis, those on the right are my color corrected versions.

Mine are not painted like theirs, but are made from the actual color images.

Here are a few more of these wonderful color images made with the same process,
but without NASA comparison images for reference.


   Hebes Mensa (Released 10 June 2004)
    Nili Fossae (Released 9 June 2004)
  Hebes Mensa (Released 7 June 2004
  Kasei Valles (Released 2 June 2004)
  Moreux Crater (Released 27 May 2004)
  Acidalia Planitia Crater (Released 26 May 2004)
    Rampart Crater Ejecta (Released 25 May 2004)
    Acidalia Planitia Crater (Released 24 May 2004)
 View 20040521a   Crater Ejecta (Released 21 May 2004)
 View 20040520a   Rampart Crater (Released 20 May 2004)
View 20040519a   Tinjar Vallis (Released 19 May 2004)
View 20040518a   Syrtis Major (Released 18 May 2004)
View 20040517a   Nili Fossae Crater (Released 17 May 2004)
View 20040514a   Pathfinder Landing Site in Color (Released 14 May 2004)
View 20040513a   Northern Polar Cap (Released 13 May 2004)
View 20040512a   Polar Cap Colors (Released 12 May 2004)
View 20040511a Psychedelic Crater Rim (Released 11 May 2004)
View 20040510a   False-color Dalmatian Terrain (Released 10 May 2004)
View 20040507a   Colored Chaos (Released 7 May 2004)
View 20040506a   Cut Crater in Reull Vallis (Released 6 May 2004)
View 20040505a   Crater Floor in Color (Released 5 May 2004)
View 20040504a   Dune-filled Crater in Color (Released 4 May 2004)
View 20040503a Polar Color (Released 3 May 2004)
View 20040329a   Channel with Island in False Color (Released 29 March 2004)
View 20040312a   Southern Spring in False Color (Released 12 March 2004)
View 20031203a   Nili Fossae in Color (Released 3 December 2003)
View 20031114a   Mars in True Color (almost) (Released 14 November 2003)
View 20031003a   Mars In Color (Released 3 October 2003)
View 20021210a  Candor Chasma on Mars, in Color (Released 10 December 2002)

NASA version images courtesy of ASU/Themis.

 View my collection of preliminarily corrected Odyssey color images
Best of Color Mars

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