The Face

 Many people have claimed many things regarding this magnificently mysterious massif on Mars. It may be a curious shaped pile of rocks, then again it may be an artificial relic from a vanished civilization. Given that this is a fantastic notion it is nevertheless backed somewhat by visual observation of the feature and its utterly strange surroundings.

 Despite refutations on each side of the polarizing artificial vs. natural debate over this feature, the fact remains that many of these proponents and detractors have in spite of their seeming authority on the subject failed to examine it adequately via the imagery. Many of these same are not even aware of the fantastic and massive coverage of this area via Mars Global Surveyor, coverage which proves that this area was, is, and remains of extreme interest.

 Arguing the points pro or con without knowing the subject thoroughly through observation of the evident land features is uninformed at best and more fit for those who would rather push a self aggrandizing agenda rather than take an open minded look at what might be our greatest discovery ever. No amount of remotely sensed data will ever prove or disprove beyond a shadow of doubt what is surmised about this amazing location. Until we have craft or people that physically explore the linear rubble so prevalent about the area, and actually climb the thing to dig around we are only left to surmise.

 Given the need for all interested parties to adequately view this feature, I've compiled the entirety of its imagery into one easily accessible location. Displayed here are the very best from my personal collection of custom processed MOC Face coverage images. These were individually hand crafted from the raw .imq data files obtained from MSSS. They were subjected to the same tried and true procedural techniques which I use in processing the Marsoweb MER2003 landing site selection MOC's, and based on careful attention to each image's unique properties. In result, many of these are clearer and more defined than any previous versions.

 I hope you enjoy them, I am confident that few viewing them adequately will be able to escape the possibility, however minute, that there may indeed be products of intelligently artificial manufacture strewn about the sculpted massifs and plains of Cydonia.